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Singham means in English is lion. Singham the movie is a new action movie in bollywood. The movie is distributed by Reliance Entertainment. This movie is directed by Rohit Setty. In this movie is lead role playing by Ajay Devgan and Kajal Aggarwal.  Singham is a Hindi version movie of Tamil film singam. In singham casts are
Ajay devgan as Bajirao Singham
Kajal Aggarwal as Kavya Bhosle
Prakash Raj as Jaikanth Shikre
Ashok Saraf  as Prabhu Bhawalkar
Sachin Khedekar as Gautam Bhosle
The story of this film is about a police officer who is honest and helpful to poor. He is brave and just wants to fulfill his father wish. In his town many wrong work done but he tries to solve the matter. Kavya is city girl who comes to a place on vacation. One day she meets the hero and fall love with him.
All is going well until the villain has come. He came here for his contract with mafia. But he needs to sing from the police officer. He doesn’t come he send his man to sing the paper. The police officer said him to tell your sir to came here and sing himself. Then started bad situation between them. Next want to know go to theaters to see the movie.
Singham songs are running good. The Music directors are Ajay and Atul. They compose good music and find much sweet music. These film songs are
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1. Singham
2. Mula Mula
3. Saahtiya
4. Singham - remix
5.Mula Mula -remix
6. Saathiya –remix
The singamTamil movie was directed by Hari and distributed by sun picture, studio green and Ayngaran International. This Tamil movie produced by Reliance big picture. leading role play by Suriya in singam and Anushka in singam also. This film has hit the box office in the first week. It says that Suriya singam is one of the best movies in his career.
The Tamil film budget was $3.35 million USD. Singam was published in 2010. First week this movie was earned 85 lakhs rupee in Chennai. In last the flim earned total in Chennai 5.38 crores rupee. This flim is earn in Malaysia $1,471,508 and in Uk $12,956. This flim has completed 100 days in movie theaters.
After the success of Singam the writer and director Hari sold the right to recreation of this film in Hindi and Kannada. The reliance company buys the right of remake this film in Hindi. In November they have pronounced that this films hero is Ajay and the Director is Rohit Shetty and Prakash is sing also the role of enemy. In the report that said that Asin or Aushka will play the heroine role but Anushka later don’t work. Then Kajal is singing the contract as the heroine of this flim. She has a good record in south Indian films. The shooting was started on March in 2011.The shooting was in GOA.
The film was release on 22th July in 2011.
This movie make in ten days  Indian Rupee symbol.svg65.25 crore (US$14.55 million) crore and this film is the highest opener in India this Year after Salman Khan Ready. 
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