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BOL is a new film in Pakistan. This films is directed by Shoaib Mansoor and produce by Shoman  Productions. In this film lead role played by the greatest singer and my favorite Atif Aslam. With him other are Shafqat Cheema, Manzar Sehbai, Zaib Rehman and Amr Kashmiri in the front role.
BOL is Shoaib Mansoor’s second dramatic new idea of informative reality with its complexity. Past 'Khuda Kay Liye', that went on to win several worldwide award, Bol is an additional absorbing story authored by him. A story is that shows the reality of life very deeply. The web of relations within a family that hardly make ends meet.

Bol is a breaker of emotions, yet carry subtleties that make your heartstrike. Based in the heart of Lahore, the story takes place in a home full of daughters, with animation of life, yet restrictions on in bloom. It questions the worth of a human being, may it be a woman or a person born with defect. It questions the authority of reproducing human beings into this world without taking responsibility of acknowledging their worth. 

Bol takes you through a expedition into the life of this family experience their troubles, suffering, resolves and high points. As family members take decision to solve their harms they abrupt into deeper dilemma. The complication of their state of affairs becomes a struggle of life and decease.On top of the poor quality the father subscribe to a set of values many would relate to…standards that we accede to and forcefully hold on to, ethics that exemplify contradiction, values that have not been question.

Humaina Malick, after ahead attractiveness on the small monitor in the recent years has been picked for the big screen for the first time. She plays a daughter who gets pretentious the most by the family tensions. She compliments the norm she has been given by her parents yet is forced by her sensitive logic and sense for justice to rebel.  Iman Ali will be seen in a very different role than her usual appearances. Courtesan who is ambivalent between the standards of success her family considers so important and the desires of her own heart.

Atif Aslam plays an enlightened neighbor, and with his two loves, one for music and the other for the next door beauty, Mahira Khan, adds romance and melody to the film.Atif Aslam, who features in the film as a doctor,

He said in an interview"I have done two songs for the soundtrack. It’s been a great experience working withShoaib Mansoor, he is an amazing person and very dedicated. My role isn’t controversial and we discussed it beforehand. It’s a film that is being made for a good cause".The film was reviewed by the Central Board of Film Censors in Lahore on 8 November 2010, and received its approval the next day.The film is set in Lahore and many students from National College of Arts' (NCA) filmmaking department have assisted Shoaib Mansoor on the film.
This films was song sung by Shabnam Majeed, Sahir Ali Bugga, Bina Jawad Atif AslamHadiqa Kiani, Sajjad Ali.
This films song is available this link click here
 BOL was released in Pakistan in this year June and earn PKR 47,217,600 .This film wills release in Bollywood on 31 August.

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