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Bodyguard is an unreleased Hindi film in Bollywood. Bodyguard is the triple make of Bodygaud in Malayalam kaavalan in Tamil. These films are directed by siddique. In hindi this film producer is Atul Agnihotri. In hindi this film starting with Salmaan Khan With the bebo in bollywood Karena kapoor. They are playing the lead roles in the film.
Kaavalan story is about a tragedy love story between leads role. Tamil film Kaavalan hero name is Bhoominathan and female role name is Meera Muthuramalingam. In this film the hero Bhoominathan is a bodyguard of the Meera father. Meera father has many problems. Because of that problems he need to keep his daughter safe. So that he take Bhoominathan as a bodyguard of his daughter. Meera goes collage with Bhoominathan and her friend Madu. Meera call him a private number so that she couldn’t fall in love with the bodyguard. Bhoominathan didn’t know who the daughter of Muthuramalingam is. Bhoominathan fall in love with Meera without known her identity. Sometime latter Meera also feel for Bhoominathan and at least they fall in love.
Then they decided that they should run away together. They decided that they meet at railways station in morning. But they don’t do that because Muthuramalingam is come there and think that Bhoominathan and Meera will run away tighter. For the safe life of Bhoominathan she lies to her father and said that he comes to meet another girl in the station. Then Bhoominathan leaves the place soon. Muthuramalingam said his other men that if Bhoominathan didn’t meet any girl in station you will kill him. Meera calls her friend Madu for being Bhoominathan girlfriend. She came to the station and seeing Bhoominathan she falls in love with him. After all this happen she wants to be Bhoominathan lover. Meera calls her but she throws her phone away.
Many times latter they married and they have a son. Sometime latter Madu died and leave a diary for her son. In that diary she had written everything that she has done. Bhoominathan son goes Meera house with his father and call Meera and asked her to be his mother. Listen to this Bhoominathan is very angry and rebuke. Meera seeing that stop him. Then he found that Meera hasn’t married. Seeing this he understand Meera is his real lover. Muthuramalingam requests Bhoominathan for marry his daughter. After all the story end and they live toghter well.
This film will have many remakes. This film will be having the Telugu version. For Telugu version title wasn’t decided.
Kaavalan Tamil film has played good role for Box office. This film made 3.40 cores in Chennai box office. This Tamil film has good response from others state. This film stays in top 3 for 35 days.  Kaavalan has a successful business in box office. The film has earned 87 lakhs in there weeks. This film has declared as HIT film in 2010. This film is continuing 175 days in theater and officially makes this movie Hit.
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