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Mere Brother Ki Dhulhan

Mere Brother Ki Dhulhan in English is My Brother Bride. It also we can call MBKD. MBKD is an upcoming film in Hindi. This film is distributed by one and only in India the Yash raj film. Yash Raj films always have many great and interesting stories. This is a romantic film with Love tragedy. MBKD is inspired by Hollywood film Dan in Real life. Dan In real life film is directed by Peter Hedges and produce by Jonathan Shestack. This film is written by Pierce Gardner and Peter Hedges.

MBKD is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar.  Ali Abbas Zafar is starting his career as a director with this film. He also writes this story. This film is produced by Yash Raj Films. In this film lead role playing by Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar.

The story of MBKD is about a brother (Ali Zafar) who wants to merry but he can’t find a perfect bride for himself. He told his brother (Imran Khan) that I want to merry. So he (Imran Khan) come to India and finds a bride for his brother (Ali Zafar). When he (Imran Khan) come to India and start finding bride for his brother (Ali Zafar) he haven’t found any perfect girl for his brother. All of them don’t want to merry his brother. They want to marry his brother money. At least he finds a perfect Bride (Katrina Kaif) for brother. She is different from other.

The tragedy of this film is Imran Khan falls in love with his brother (Ali Zafar) bride (Katrina Kaif). The story begins in here. How Imran Khan tell his brother bride that he love her or he wouldn’t tell or he tell his brother (Ali Zafar). I am waiting for this film. How will Imran Khan tell his brother (Ali Zafar) and end the film.

Music director of this film is new comer Sohail Sen. He is known for the music what’s Your Rashee? He don’t direct that movie music he just behind the movie music. Ali Zafar is a singer and he sing three song in this film.

This film shooting is started in 2010 September. When the shooting started they thought this film will release in July 2011 but some reason the film will release in September.
Mere Brother Ki Dhulhan is releasing on 9 September 2011. This film is completed with Ranbir kappor Rockstar film. Those films will release on same day.

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